Marranitos and coyotas are considered some of the best cookies in the world


Although Mexico is mostly known in the world for its food, including tacos or even esquites, we are not far behind with desserts and although the most popular could be the borrachitos, the cocadas, among otherss, cookies are also present in important listings.

Recently TasteAtlas, a gastronomy site specialized in qualifying different foods from around the world, released a list of the best cookies from different countries and from Mexico, the pigs and coyotas stood out.

Where were the little pigs and the coyotas?

Within a list of 100 cookies, the coyotas from Sonora were ranked 25th. It is known that this dessert has its origin in the 19th century and is made from flour, piloncillo, as well as sugar, although they can also be filled with figs, dates, peach and more.

As for the little pigs, some cookies that, as their name indicates, are shaped like little pigs and which are made with flour, cinnamon, ginger, butter, eggs, milk, among other ingredients were in position 12.

What cookies occupy the first positions?

Well, if you are wondering which desserts were the best qualified and therefore occupy the first positions, then we list you to the top 10 positions.

10. Vanillekipferl from Vienna

9. Speculaas from the Netherlands

8. Petticoat Tails from Scotland

7. Baci di dama from Italy

6. Scottish Shortbread from Scotland

5. American Chocolate Chip Cookie

4. Stroopwafel from the Netherlands

3. Melomakarona from Greece

2. Alfajores from Argentina

1. Makroud the original louse of Algeria



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