Macario Jiménez: Mexican designer arrives at Paris Fashion Week


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the mexican designer Macario Jimenezwas presented last Friday for the first time at Fashion Week in Paris, where it made its debut with its Autumn-Winter 2023 collection.

“Today I am presenting my first collection in Paris, because I do believe that the cradle of fashion and haute couture is Paris”, indicated the Mexican designer in an interview.

Regarding his presentation, the designer from Guadalajara, Jalisco expressed that it marks a new stage in which, as he has become accustomed to, he will seek reinvention to remain current in the world of fashion.

“It’s a great achievement and something I always dreamed of doing. It is the beginning of a new generation in Macario Jiménez. When I turned 20, we thought about how we were going to renew ourselves and the idea of ​​creating eight collections and renewing the way of selling haute couture arose. But with this presentation in Paris, he is giving me another part of what I have to do to reinvent myself. I believe that in fashion we must reinvent ourselves all the time, we cannot remain isolated, ”he said.

Macario Jiménez, Mexican designer (Instagram).
Macario Jiménez, Mexican designer (Instagram).

In addition to participating in fashion week, Macario Jiménez also presented the book at the Instituto de México in Paris Macario: nobody needs another dress that commemorates 30 years of career and in which he presents his creative process to create collections, made up of 15 points that are essential for your brand, from inspiration, color, fabrics, to design, sewing, the parade, editorials and image for social networks that will also be presented at the International Book Fair (FIL) in Mexico.

With 30 years in the world of fashion, the work of Macario Jimenez It has distinguished itself by attracting the taste of personalities from public life, Mexican politics and the artistic sphere, standing out within luxury design with a lot of personality.

One of his main virtues as a fashion creator and artist lies in capturing the beauty of the female body, formulating exclusive garments that highlight each of the people who wear them.

However, she has also sought to distinguish herself in the world of fashion by an approach based on durability through the garments he makes and on which he imprints the essential elements of haute couture such as being collections with a story behind them, with a concept, inspired by a muse and that manage to conceive the universe of the wearer.

“I have always said that I have not seen anyone because they have a name behind them. I treat all the people I see the same, like the most important women who are in front of me and I think that totally makes the difference”, she highlights.

Likewise, it has sought to reinforce customization in design in Mexico to offer unique dresses that make up a collection.

“In the store there are eight collections, each one comes out with a different name but instead of staying in the store for one season, we keep it for two years, somewhat focused on promoting ‘low fashion’. It fills me with great pleasure that there are women who have used my dresses for 20 years because they are current, because it is haute couture, it is something handmade that seeks to treasure what we are doing and what they are wearing”, describes the designer from Guadalajara.

Throughout his career, the Mexican designer has participated in international catwalks in Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Ecuador and Panama, In addition to being part of platforms such as Fashion Without Boundaries, World Fashion in Chicago, Fashion Week of the America’s in Miami, Fashion Week in Belgrade, Latin American Fashion Week in Bogotá, Colombia and Mercedes-Benz. Fashion Week Mexico.

Among the recognitions he has received, the “star” of Fashion Group International Mexico stands out, as well as having been named the best prêt-à-porter designer by ACTEL in 2001.



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