Laguna restaurant launches dish and divides opinions


A Torreon restaurant launched a new dish that caused controversy on social networks.

This creation was named “Lagoon Burger”which is a variation of the original recipe, changing the bread for the traditional French bread region of.

This culinary novelty is prepared with French bread, beef sirloin, yellow cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion and special house dressing.

Which sparked a debate on social media about whether it is a hamburger or a luncha typical dish from La Laguna prepared with this bread.

While some defend it and point out that it is delicious, others say that it is a sirlon lunchThere are even those who say that it is nothing new, since it is already sold in some lunch boxes.

“With all due respect to hamburgers… this is a very honorable LUNCH,” says one of the users.

It also triggered nostalgia in some people, since they indicate that this is how their mother prepared them when there was no hamburger bread.

“Oops oops my mistress sold hamburgers and locnhes and that’s how she made me very rich,” another Internet user mentions.



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