Kourtney Kardashian changes her look in the Marilyn Monroe style PHOTOS


Businesswoman and TV star kourtney kardashian He appeared again on social networks to promote some products he sells, but he did it with a radical change of look that caught the attention of its users.

Since the beginning of the month, the member of the Kardashian family had made it known through social networks andHe changed his hair color from brown to blonde; however, this time his followers found vibes similar to those of marilyn monroe in this situation.

In a series of photos, we can see Kourtney holding her company’s product. However, we can see her with her blonde hair and barely wearing a nightdress that stands out for its metallic tones. Above, we can see that a green coat is superimposed, complementing the outfits.

Marilyn Monroe vibes“, commented a user on Instagram. “My God, how do you look good in everything?“adds another user in the publication made.

However, there were users who criticized her, mainly blaming her relationship with Travis Barker —blink-182 drummer— changes in her: “He has changed a lot since he got married”, “Since you were with Travis your behavior changed”, “Why is she suddenly posing in such skimpy clothes? She had never done it before Travis. She didn’t seem to mix with this“criticized some followers.

Other users commented against his appearance or ask him to go back to the dark hair color: That outfit makes me sick“, “Please go back to brown hair“, “She doesn’t look good with blonde hairother users say.



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