In the CdMx, 6 restaurants to spend an unforgettable evening


The Mexico City It is full of unforgettable places. In it you can also find a high-level gastronomic offer and with this, unique places to share with your loved ones. To toast, to celebrate and to eat deliciously, here are some suggestions that you can find in traditional places and some others that have just opened.

Take a walk and surprise your companion with these options that will surely make you spend a memorable moment.


The new gastronomic spot in polanquito It is a must, with a wait of more than three years, for its opening, this unforgettable place offers Mediterranean cuisine worth trying.

Lampuga opened in the heart of Polanco For all fans of good food and relaxed spaces full of life.

With an avant-garde design and good taste, it is the ideal place to spend an unforgettable evening.

The decoration is exquisite as well as its new menuthe mixologists’ proposal also stands out, so you cannot leave without trying one of their delicious cocktails, such as the signature of the house that is made with activated carbon, tequila and pineapple juice.

The menu is also exquisite, we recommend you order the gravlax salmon with jocoque and capers, a classic where the most important thing is the fresh and quality ingredient, if you prefer something more crunchy, try the serrano ham croquettes

To continue the arugula salad with Parmesan is truly delicious, as a second course the grilled octopus will leave you in love, roasted with paprika and served with arugula and if you prefer meat, the ribeye with cheese is a great option

To end the feast, the lemon pie will close your evening perfectly


This place is already a tradition of mexican food it is about and in addition to having a very varied menu, its dishes are surprising and very instagrammable.

He The atmosphere is very Mexican and the mariachi, as always, will surprise you. Its proposal takes the most representative dishes of Mexican cuisine.taking them to another level, offering a sensory experience in each bite.

To start we recommend you order the esquites with arrachera, they serve them in a corn husk and bring them to your table in a mini trajinera, beautiful and delicious, for the second course, the beef rib is truly spectacular, with a surprising flavor and super soft This is due to its slow cooking of 4 more than four hours. Ask for it to share because it is vast.

To toast you can order La Adelita, a cocktail prepared with mezcal, passion fruit, yellow lemon and flamed with orange liqueur.

For dessert, a traditional baked banana accompanied with vanilla ice cream, which will be brought to your table riding in the typical cart that you find in the streets of our beautiful Mexico.

With ten locations in different parts of the Mexican Republic, Porfirio’s has become the ideal trendiest spot for lovers of Mexican gastronomy.

Fogo de Chao

Recently opened inside the impressive Mitikah shopping center, this restaurant specializing in the Brazilian churrasco tradition is a delight.

You will experience the unforgettable sights, sounds, aromas and flavors that make Fogo a unique and fun experience.

And it is that they are artisans in the art of Churrasco, a tradition of southern Brazil since the centenary gaucho chefs.

Its “Market table” in addition to being huge, has fresh ingredients of the highest quality, where you can taste fine charcuterie, cheeses with different degrees of maturation and endless entries that prepare you for the feast of meat that you will experience

To start we recommend you order the traditional caipirinhathis emblematic drink of Brazil is prepared at your table with the traditional cachaca, lemon and can be mixed with red fruits or passion fruit, I assure you that you will want more than one.

The continuous service of cuts to your table will surprise you; all are prepared over low heat and with an unbeatable quality.

Among the cuts that stand out are the picaña, also with a long tradition in Brazilian lands, the pork ribs are delicious and the pork sausage will surely surprise you, its lemon chicken is delicious and is perfectly accompanied by the Brazilian Xingu beer.

If you still have room for dessert, you can order a brigadeiro, a typical Brazilian sweet perfect for chocolate lovers.


doing his debutinside of the Galleries shopping center Insurgentes, this Argentine steakhouse, you will love it, its contemporary decoration, the service that stands out remarkably and its first class food, are just some of the reasons why you have to visit it

To start we recommend you order the smoked provoleta cheese to share, along with its premium quality Argentine chorizo. If you fancy a soup, the Roquefort cheese with a touch of chipotle will fascinate you, it is very well balanced and you can accompany it with the delicious house bread; the cuts are super large, and the menu is very varied, but we recommend the juicy Ribeye, which is accompanied by a very rich salad, to close with a flourish, the cheese cake is super creamy and the Neapolitan flan is perfect, yes you just want a sweet touch to finish off this delicacy.


Located in a hbeautiful house in la Condesathis restaurant with Spanish touches you will love it from your arrival.

He The ceiling in its main hall is beautiful, full of branches, which transport you to a different place, off the beaten path in the city

The service is exceptional and the food, too, they have very Spanish dishes and many others with a Mexican influence, such as their wonderful starter of pumpkin flowers stuffed with truffle cheese, accompanied with a sweet soy sauce with honey and a touch of Parmesan, achieving a fusion of perfect ingredients.

Their tuna tartare with wacame seaweed, toasted sesame seeds and wasabe is a super fresh and well-done option.

As a main course, we recommend you order the goat farm, its softness and flavor is surprising, it is served with equally good potatoes and onions that accompany it very well, this wonderful option.

To finish off in the best way, you can order a chocolate volcano, filled with Nutella, which melts in your mouth. If you want to opt for something more traditional and extremely delicious, try their Santaigo cake, with nougat ice cream, as well as being delicious, does not contain gluten, a great option if you are intolerant to this ingredient.


This newly opened terrace is located inside the Hilton hotel, in the Santa Fe area and you will fall in love from start to finish.

It is the icing on the hotel’s cake and its concept elevates the experience of the clients, with good food, a nice and fresh place and a cocktail bar that stands out a lot.

An alchemist is one who creates and transforms something from a magical process and that is exactly what this terrace has wanted to convey to all its visitors.

The menu is a fusion of Mexican and international gastronomy, we recommend you order the tuna tostadas, marinated in Huichol sauce and smoked soy and accompany them with the surprising pairing; here the “drink” is important since a terrace always invites you to have a drink and say health, all the drinks in the place I assure you are delicious, they are made with natural ingredients and are mostly sweetened with agave honey, my favorites are the “Purple Juggler”, which contains tanqueray No, lavender cardinal, Eureka lemon, agave honey, lavender bitters, real blueberry reduction and Greek yogurt, which gives it a delicious acidic touch.

Another one that you will surely love is “Hocus Pocus”, which has 400 Conejos joven mezcal, green tea syrup with jasmine, grapefruit, raspberries, Eureka lemon and mineral water.

If you prefer to skip the alcohol, you can order one of their wonderful mocktails, such as the refreshing “Watermelon clown” that has watermelon, basil, Lime, syrup, and mineral water or the super sweet “Tropical clown” with coconut cream, passion fruit, Green lemon and syrup.

To accompany them if you like pizzas, we recommend you order , the chef’s creation, a sourdough base, topped with serrano ham and arugula, simply delicious.


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