In CdMx, a massive Zumba class concentrates more than 1,500 attendees

Around 1,500 attendees gathered at the Gran Fórum in Mexico City for the most important Zumba class ever held in our country orchestrated by the creator of this physical conditioning program, the Colombian Beto Pérez.

“The program was not created to lose weight, but to have a good time and be happy,” said its creator.

According to the Colombian, in a single one-hour routine, practitioners can lose up to 600 caloriesHowever, beyond this benefit the goal of the program is happiness.

In addition, adds Beto Pérez, that the plans continue to emerge constantly and that the challenges that have arisen along the way they have strengthened them as a company and as a concept.

“We had the participation of instructors and students from all over the Mexican Republic, in addition to other countries who were very infected by practicing this program in its own version of the one who created it a few years ago,” said the organizers of this mega class, Rosa María López, Claudia Castillo and Gabriel Escamilla.

The three organizers announced that they will seek to repeat the event next September.

Origin of Zumba

On the origin of this way of exercising and having fun at the same time, its creator describes that one day when he was going to teach a class, he realized that I had forgotten the usual music with which he used to teach his routines, it was there when with the help of some salsa and merengue cassettes he gave the first class, thus giving rise to Zumba.

Zumba, which today mixes exercise and dance with Latin rhythms ranging from salsa to merengue and reggaeton, has become popular around the world.

At the moment practiced in more than 180 countries and in Mexico it is not the exception, since only one month before the master class was held at the Gran Fórum, the tickets were sold out.


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