In a matter of hair there is no trend, because each person is unique

Rossano Ferretti, who inherited her passion for styling from her mother and grandfather, and has perfected it on her own merit; He is direct and forceful when he shares that the experience acquired by the world supports his philosophy that when it comes to hair, “there is no trend.”

interviewed by MILLENNIUM at the Four Seasons hotel; Ferretti stressed that in the experience of going to the stylist, there must be “direct and very sincere communication to achieve the ideal result”, and he also specified that there are four points that must be considered to have beautiful and healthy hair that makes you feel good In day to day”.

The Italian who has served celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Middleton, Reese Witherspoon and Dakota Johnson He has taken his technique to various parts of the world such as Milan, New York, Madrid and Monte Carlo; while in Mexico his headquarters are in Los Cabos at the Four Seasons hotel, although there is the possibility of a new headquarters in Mexico City, although he preferred to reserve the details.

According to your experience, what is the key to achieving success in a hairdressing consultation?

The best thing a designer, stylist or hairdresser can do is listen to people; The moment of the consultation is the most important moment, because only through a good consultation do you truly know a client, can you give advice.

I like to offer an authentic, transparent consultation, tell the client everything I see, what I feel, we never lie, because lying is terrible. And because through a haircut you can give a person a better life, because when a person feels beautiful, they feel good, because their hair is healthy through good products, their beauty diet changes completely and their day is easier.

You have been in your profession for many years, four decades…

Yes. I have been the man who has changed the world of coloring, how to dye hair, how to color it, I was 21 years old when I started; and then I invented the invisible cut to give women the possibility to feel good about their own beauty, feeling their natural hair; Because you don’t change your hair, your hair changes you, because you’re not going to change your hair with a cut or anything. You have to be able to understand the hair, to follow it, to make the hair feel good with your haircut.

What are the main satisfactions that your profession has given you?

Every day I have many. I am a sponge, every day God blesses us to have health and meet wonderful people in the world and make them happy and educate them; I think education is the most important thing. Educate people, educate consumers, educate the world of hairdressing, educate the wonderful profession that we have, which has been devalued many times, because it has not been given the value that our work has.

What are the main aspects that we have to know to achieve a good image, from our hair?

Obviously find professionals who understand you, who understand you, who understand your frustrations, your problems and everything you don’t like, but above all they are aware of taking care of your hair in a healthy way, because many people sell and do not take care of it; many people sell and do not color; many people sell and do not cut; It is very important that all this is taken care of, that everything is tailored, because each person is unique; there is no trend, there is the person. And the person is unique and that is why we have to work. That is why it is important that hairdressers and consumers learn that we are unique.

And another important thing is that the consumer has to inform himself, he has to read everything that he is going to put on his body, on his hair, on his face, on everything; be aware of what we see, but people don’t read.

So, there are no trends in the world of styling?

No, there have never been any trends in hair, they have sold it that way because people like to sell, but it is as if a girl comes to me and says: `I want this cut’, because it has worked well for her friend, but her friend is not her So, it’s not like an actress, a model can give you her beauty. You are what you are, how can you do her or the other’s hair. Each one is unique.

Is it custom work?

Yes, it is only personalized, there is nothing else, health, personalization, ingredients and respect to have beautiful hair.


  • According to the stylist’s philosophy, his treatments (Rossano Ferretti) depend on what the hair requires, which can be volume, body, shine and hydration, he highlighted. Andrea AguilarMarketing Director of Alfaparf Milano.
  • The executive highlighted that the high-end line of the Italian stylist adds to the various proposals in her portfolio.
  • He also commented that Rossano has made his profession a school for true styling artists.


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