How to learn to communicate in fashion and beauty from within

The fashion and beauty they seduce and in current times generate unusual interest, but, in addition, they constitute powerful industries that use a large amount of resources globally. Both activities, subject to enormous competition, need communication, a basic element to carry out their expansion, although these companies must address their audiences through integrated communication and in accordance with the changes that are taking place in the sector.

A few years ago, the offer to study fashion was reduced, almost exclusively, to design subjects. Later, as a consequence of the Bologna Pact, the proliferation of specialized programs began. At present, the professionalization of the fashion, beauty and luxury sector have led to a demand for more qualified profiles. From there arose the Master’s Degree in Fashion and Beauty Communication Telva/Yo Dona , more than eleven years ago. A master’s program that combines communication tools, with a specialization and in-depth knowledge of the fashion and beauty industry. This Master’s Degree is the result of the cooperation of the Unidad Editorial School, through the Telva y Yo Dona group, and the CEU San Pablo University.

Master's Degree in Fashion and Beauty Communication Telva/Yo Dona
Master’s Degree in Fashion and Beauty Communication Telva/Yo Dona

The Master’s Degree in Fashion and Beauty Communication is an official title that trains students in the skills and knowledge necessary to function professionally and professionally in the world of fashion and beauty communication, enabling them to project an appropriate corporate image, and to work in magazines specialized in fashion and beauty, communication and marketing departments of companies in these sectors, specialized communication agencies or showrooms. The Master is a program that combines more theoretical training with professional experience sessions and extra-curricular activities related to the fashion and beauty sectors that help complete the training. This training is combined with real internships in companies of the sector, thus completing the acquisition of skills.

The master’s degree provides the necessary tools so that students can immerse themselves and evolve in the fashion and beauty communication sector, reinforcing their creativity and applying it to a well-defined strategy aligned with the business. They are the fundamental tools and strategies that every fashion and beauty communication professional should have. In a practical, almost real way, it will be taught how to deal with the communication of the launch of a brand, a capsule collection or a strategy with influencers. But also how to publish an article that manages to position your website among the most viewed, how to work within a fashion publication and, from the other front, how to get journalists to fall in love with your product and publish your press releases. . All this, from the hand of accredited teachers and active professionals, with extensive experience in the fashion and beauty communication sector.

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