How to deal with grief and overcome the loss of a pet?

Our pets always give us a lot of love and we come to have great affection for them shortly after having adopted them, that is why when they die they leave us with a great void and for many it is a loss that hurts a lot and that few understand.

Owners of puppies, kittens, hamsters or any other pet know that become part of the family and that their departure can be one of the saddest moments through which they pass. Ricardo Javier Rodríguez Corral, a veterinarian and zootechnician who works as Senior Technical Marketing Manager at ADM, spoke with MILLENNIUM about the topic

How can you get over the loss of a pet?

The specialist mentioned that one of the things that the owners of any pet is that little animals have a shorter life cycle than humans. In addition, he said that there are currently places such as funeral homes that offer services to say goodbye to our puppies or kittens.

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“Losing a pet can be one of the most painful moments, we know that the Vidal cycle of the dog and the cat is less than that of the human being and it even caught my attention that there is a kind of Gayosso for people who want to do the cremation of your pet and have a space to be able to grieve in some way”.

Ricardo Javier Rodríguez Corral pointed out that people experience grief in different ways and they even wish to have with them some memory of their michis or loins

“They dedicate all their unconditional love to us, there are pet parents who live their grief as if it were a person. I know that there are also collars where they put their pet’s ashes to keep it there.”

When it comes to saying goodbye to a pet, especially when it’s time to put them to sleep, the vet says that This is something that can considerably affect several people, so the decision to be present when the micho or the loin die is the decision of the owners.

Cat (Shutterstock).
Cat (Shutterstock).

“It happens a lot, I would say it depends on the person. I know and many veterinary colleagues give the news that there is nothing to do anymore, it is called euthanasia, it is good to die and the vet puts it at the discretion of the owner if he wants to be present or not. There are people who are very impacted, I think this is something that should be left to the owner’s decision.

Finally, he said to MILLENNIUM that something that can be done as soon as the mourning for the death of a pet is over is to adopt another pet, however, there are people who prefer not to do it or to let more time pass to be able to bring home a new being that like the previous one will undoubtedly provide much love and laughter.

“Once the duel is over, it is suggested to replace that affection that you have had for years, to acquire a new puppy or kitten to cover the gap left by the pet. It is well said that those of us who have been owners of dogs and cats become fond of them”.


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