“A powerful novel of the interior life, which Levy creates with a vividness that recalls Virginia Woolf … Transfixing.” – Erica Wagner, The Guardian 

“Exquisite prose . . . Hot Milk is perfectly crafted, a dream-narrative so mesmerising that reading it is to be under a spell. Reaching the end is like finding a piece of glass on the beach, shaped into a sphere by the sea, that can be held up and looked into like a glass-eye and kept, in secret, to be looked at again and again.” – Suzanne Joinson, The Independent

“Great lush writing [and] luxuriation in place. No writer infuses the landscape, urban or rural, with as much meaning and monstrosity as Levy. Unmissable.” – Eimear McBride, New Statesman

“A beguiling tale of myths and identity… provocative. The difficult, ambivalent, precious mother-daughter relationship forms the core of this beautiful, clever novel.” – Michèle Roberts, The Independent

“Acutely relevant. A triumph of technically adroit storytelling. Levy’s elegant and poised prose has the rare quality of being simultaneously expansive and succinct. A breath of fresh air.” – The Literary Review

“Scintillating, provocative. Levy combines intellect and empathy to impressively modern effect.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Mesmerizing, evocative and complex.” – Booklist

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