Horoscope of the WEEK by Mhoni Vidente: PREDICTIONS from March 27 to 31, 2023


This week, the Moon is in its waxing phase in Gemini, on the other hand, Mercury and Jupiter are preparingThis means that they will be days of important energy activity. Next, Mhoni Vidente shares the horoscope with the predictions for each sign:


In the workplace, this week you will have to face a crisis that you will not know how to face. Do not ask anyone for advice because in your work you are not surrounded by people who genuinely want to help you. Use your intelligence and your intuition.

In the field of love, the men and women of Aries will live this week with some uncertainty. A few months ago you started a non-binding relationship, but time has passed and you have felt emotionally involved.


You are going to feel full of energy and that will lead you to commit yourself to many activities and assume obligations that will cause you additional stress. As a result of this tension, some discomfort will appear over the next few days. In the sentimental field, the men and women of this sign will have difficult days.


Gemini people have been behaving negligently with their health in recent months and this week they will begin to pay the consequences of that mistake. On the other hand, the presence of Mars in this sign will give all Gemini people a lot of mental clarity to reflect and amend wrong behaviors in the workplace.


The alignment of Pluto and the moon indicates the beginning of a cycle of joy and well-beingr, both in the sentimental sphere and in the economic sphere. Cancer men and women will begin this week a period in which they will feel gratitude towards life for the achievements and blessings they have achieved in all aspects. A gratitude that will be very healthy and will act like a magnet, attracting favorable situations and new opportunities to you.


The stars point out that this it will be a week of great success in the field of business. Everything will be in order and your finances will continue to prosper. However, you will not be able to stop feeling fear for the future. You will have to keep those apocalyptic thoughts away from you because abundance will be present in your life and if you handle yourself as up to now it will continue to bless your life.


In the field of love, you have recently started a relationship and you are very happy and lively with this person. In the economic field, Virgo will have very pleasant surprises this week. You are tired of dealing with economic problems, for this reason, a few weeks ago we organized a strict plan that would allow you to better manage your income.


Regarding the social sphere, the people of Libra will have a somewhat hectic week. On the weekend you will attend a family reunion where you will have a very good time. You are going through a period of great labor demand.

There has been a vacancy for an important position in the company where you work, and you are going to discover that you are the candidate with the best chance of winning the position; however, you are not the only one who craves it.


Scorpio people have been experiencing stressful situations for some time. Therefore, this week you should propose to take care of your health a little more. The stars consider that your best alternative is to release all the tension accumulated in highly demanding sports. In the workplace it will be a hectic week.


Starting this week, a cycle will begin where the alignment of planets will have a positive influence, giving you great clarity in your goals. From that moment, you will know what you want to achieve and that will make things much easier. It will be an ideal week for commercial transactions, the purchase and sale of real estate, and the signing of contracts.


You have given yourself completely to your professional career leaving all other aspects of life completely relegated. So much work has paid off and you have become a prestigious person in your professional field.

However, this week you will feel the need to get back in touch with those friends you haven’t seen for a long time. Do not expect that, after so much indifference on your part, they will receive you with open arms.


The Aquarius people you will have a very good astral auspices during this week that will enhance your vitality. You will feel encouraged to carry out all the tedious procedures that have been accumulating.


This week, Pisces people will experience great disappointments in the field of friendship. You had told one of your best friends a secret. He will betray your trust and tell someone else. You will feel angry and hurt at the same time, and it will be perfectly understandable.


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