Horoscope of the WEEK by Mhoni Vidente: PREDICTIONS from March 20 to 24, 2023

This week will be marked by the beginning of springcausing important movements within astrology, so it will be a good time to start new projects and let go of the past.

Next, Mhoni Vidente shares the horoscope and predictions of the week.


Start your best cycle for your sign. Begin the renewal of positive energy on March 21, which will be your best day of the week. You will be very lucky in everything you set out to do and you will be able to realize your dreams in matters of business and projects. You will have a few days of many celebrations and gifts that you did not expect: you are on your birthday.


Week of many important activities in your life. You decide to put everything around you in order. Always remember to be growing as a person, that’s why you need to be more prepared in matters of your studies.

This week is going to be very good, the love that you need so much to be happy will finally come to you and be at peace. Remember that your sign is always looking for a person just like you, that is, progressive, ambitious and above all faithful.


Week to be very thoughtful in your work. You decide to give your life a change and look for a work project more in line with your professional career. Remember that your sign is very mental and if it is not right in one place, you just block yourself from moving forward.

So look for better job opportunities. They are looking for you to invite you to go on a trip with your friends for Easter.


Week of being with a lot of work and with supervision of your bosses. Strong changes are coming in positions of hierarchy. Try to stay very attentive to your work performance and you will see that a promotion is coming in your job.

It will be a week to remember people who are no longer with you, so it will be a good time to connect with your spiritual side.


Week to reinvent yourself and see that the bad times are behind us. Remember that the element of your sign is fire. That’s why this day March 21 your positive energy is completely renewed. You will have to grow more in everything related to work projects. So do not stagnate yourself and try to find the best project for you.


Week of being with the stars in your favor. Follow your good fortune around you and This March 21 your energy will be in a cycle of metamorphosis, that is, you will be leaving negative energies that were obstructing your successes. It will be a week of a lot of work, you will have a new attitude regarding love and you will be better careful with your habits.


Week to learn to be constant and no longer get discouraged in the attempts to be someone in life. These are times to grow up and leave a bit of laziness and perform professionally. You will have a stroke of luck on March 21. That day several opportunities will come to you in terms of projects that will make you better off financially.


Week of realizing that You need to start renewing yourself completely, especially in the workplace. Remember that you can’t wait any longer and not trust so much people who don’t want to help you grow professionally, so this week send your updated resume with your information to look for a better job option.


Week of being with many delayed projects, on the other hand, you will be celebrating a friend or family member. Remember that you are very good at organizing parties and even more so if they are for your loved ones. This March 21 you renew energy to achieve the goals you want so much.


Week of being with all the good attitude to get out of work and study problems. Remember that your sign is very spiteful and that makes you have difficulties in your personal life, so you learn to let go of what was not.

Try not to get back together with your ex. On this March 21, your sign will be charged with good energy because you will have a spiritual elevation.


week of a lot personal transformation. You will have the opportunity to meet very important people who offer you a better job and a business proposal. Your sign is very charismatic and that means that you are always surrounded by many people who appreciate you. The most positive and strong energies will be around your sign on March 21.


Week of many changes in your personal life. Finally you end cycles of negative energies and begin to evolve In the professional. March 21 will be your lucky day, since your sign is very mystical and this spring equinox will be the transformation. I recommend you drink a lot of water and take flower baths so that this energy lasts longer.

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