Horoscope of the WEEK by Mhoni Vidente: PREDICTIONS from March 06 to 10, 2023

This week, take advantage of the arrival of the Full Moon in Virgo to introspect the management of our emotions and think of a more intelligent way to manage them. Find out what awaits your sign in the coming days according to the predictions of Mhoni Vidente.


You will live a week of good energy around your sign, it will be a few days of good luck in everything related to travel and the arrival of money, so try to analyze all the options presented to you and choose the best one.

Your lucky numbers are 09 and 11, your color is deep red and your best day will be Tuesday. The letter of “El Diablo” will dominate you, which will increase your potential in communication to carry out any business successfully. You will start a new stage.


You will have many personal worries, remember that you are the first sign of earth and that makes you the pillar of your house. In your work, very important changes are coming in terms of positions and realignment of personnel, so try to talk to your superiors so that they consider you in a better position.

Your best day will be Wednesday, with a contract closing or the authorization of a credit. In love, you will be the best with your partner, they will be days of great compatibility and passion. Taurus who are single will find someone of the Scorpio or Capricorn sign.

The “Wheel of Fortune” card will be the one that will define your week, indicating that you will have a great personal transformation and you will leave behind all the negative.


Lucky week in gambling with the numbers 01 and 21. Try to use yellow a lot in all your clothes and your best day will be Thursday. It will be a few days to remember a love from the past, try to stay at peace and fall in love again, because these days love will be stronger in your sign.

Do not stop studying, remember that your sign must always learn to fulfill itself as a person. Your tarot card is “The Fool”, so chaos will reign in matters of work, so try not to fall into provocations or labor lawsuits. Geminis are great social and political leaders, so start that career you have in mind.


You will have problems with your partner this week, so try not to be so thoughtful and don’t take things apprehensively, quickly solve the problem with your partner and be happy. You will attend many meetings, so they will be contract renewal days.

You will enjoy a stroke of luck on Friday with the numbers 02 and 33, your color will be intense blue and you will settle legal issues in your favor. Take care of vision or hearing problems, try to go to your doctor.

You got the card “The carriage” in the tarot, so it will be days of public relations and meeting very important people for your professional progress. Single Cancerians will find true love in their life. Do not neglect exercise or diet, remember that health is the most important thing.


Week of many positive energies in your work environment, try to get that position you want so much. They will be ideal days for you to fall in love again, your sign does not know how to be alone and it is time to start that loving relationship that you want so much to have more stability; your most compatible signs are Aquarius, Sagittarius and Capricorn.

Be careful with stomach or intestinal problems, try to continue with a healthy diet and exercise to keep yourself healthier. You will have a stroke of luck on Monday with the numbers 05 and 27, and your color is orange. The “Justice” card will dominate you, which will influence your sign; his energy is very slow and makes you be in constant financial stumbling blocks.


You will manage your time more throughout this week to take advantage of it on work issues or new projects, remember that your sign always thinks of doing something new or different to fulfill their professional life more. Light a candle on Tuesday and ask all the angels to help you achieve what you want so much and it will be fulfilled almost immediately.

Take care of neck or neck pain, try to sleep longer and leave your cell phone off at night. In matters of money, you will finish making your payments and you will catch up. I recommend that Virgos who have a partner not fall into arguments, remember that love has no conditions, it is given, it is not bought.

You will have a stroke of luck with the numbers 07 and 20, your day will be Tuesday and try to dress more in white for abundance.


Good luck week to make positive changes, remember that your sign is in a time of transformation of all energies and that will help you grow professionally. I recommend that you light a red candle on Wednesday so that good luck reigns in your life. Do not argue with your partner anymore, your sign always dramatizes all situations.

You are in your time to feel and look younger, do not neglect diet and exercise, that will help you stay at your best. Your sign is fairness, you will always give the right advice to others. Do not deny a favor to whoever asks you so that later life itself will pay you back.

You will have a stroke of luck with the numbers 16 and 40, your colors are red and blue. Your tarot card is “The Magician”, it says that in matters of love you finally find the ideal partner.


Do not ruin the good times with your partner because of misunderstandings, remember that your character is very strong and that affects your love relationship. You will have a stroke of luck on Thursday with the numbers 19 and 55, try to combine them with your date of birth, your colors are yellow and blue.

Scorpio is dominated by passion, which is why those who are single will have forbidden love, remember that living together at work always makes you delude yourself with your colleagues, but the worst thing your sign can do is get tangled up with engaged or married people.

Your tarot card is the “Ace of Swords”I recommend that you do not make hasty decisions these days and try to control your character so that you do not have problems at work, the positive thing is that you will have more luck in your business or business life.


Your tarot card is “Judgment”, which tells you that there will be days of surprises that will leave you with prosperity, but the downside is that you must be careful in matters of loss. Week of very good luck in matters of money and abundance. You are going on a trip for a work project. Extra money comes to you to pay a debt.

Remember that your sign cares a lot about not being able to do things the way you want and you start to feel bad, that’s why one of your problems is being in control of everything, so try to learn to relax and let everything flow.

Your best day will be Friday, on that day luck will smile in every way. Don’t fight with your partner anymore, he loves you, but remember to give him space so he doesn’t feel pressured. You will have a stroke of luck with the numbers 03 and 29, your colors are red and black.


Your sign attracts a lot of envy, do not talk about your plans until they are carried out so that you do not have jealousy around you. Your sign is earth and that makes it constantly growing mentally. Don’t be overwhelmed by partner problems anymore, try to reach an agreement.

You will have a stroke of luck on Monday with the numbers 04 and 30, your colors are white and orange. You will receive money that you did not expect for the payment of a debt. Your tarot card is “The Tower”, it means that you must develop more before society, such as getting involved in issues of political relations and you will see that you will be successful, just control your character.


This week you will give continuity to your goalsRemember that the best thing your sign has is the strength to get ahead and do not give much importance to what they say about you. In love you are very impulsive and controlling, but although it is something natural, you must learn that everyone must have their space for happiness.

You will have a stroke of luck on Tuesday with the numbers 17 and 66, your colors are green and red. Single Aquarius will have a very compatible Taurus or Scorpio love, just remember that you have to take new relationships slowly so you don’t overwhelm your partner.

Your tarot card is “The Sun”, which will influence your energies for commerce and sports. I recommend that you have more communication with your guardian angel so that you grow personally, but do not forget to take responsibility for your actions.


Your letter for this week is “The Hermit”, you must be careful with large investments and pay close attention to what you sign. Week of celebrations to fill you with good energy, one of your best stages is when you have a birthday and even more so because your energy is renewed.

days with mixed feelings, you will not know what to do in a matter of a love from the past, remember to let things flow, but without turning back. You will have a stroke of luck on Wednesday with the numbers 18 and 99, your colors are orange and green.

You will have a work review, so you must put everything in order. A friend is looking for you to propose a business. Do not look for problems where there are none, less at work, try to calm down and let everything happen and not burden yourself with other people’s affairs.


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