Horoscope March 9, 2023 by Mhoni Vidente: This is what the stars have in store for you at work


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This March 9, the Moon is in LibraThis means that it will be a day to seek balance and harmony. Take advantage of the renewal of energy to express your ideas and emotions with diplomacy at work and consider the new opportunities that arrive at your door.

On this occasion, Mhoni Vidente shares the horoscope and the predictions of the day for your zodiac sign:


This is not the time to make sudden changes in your life., it’s time to take a break and leave things as they are for a while. You have a good job and a place where you can perform well, but commuting times are taking their toll and are causing you extra exhaustion.

It is preferable that you sleep the corresponding hours and get up at an earlier hour, than staying up late doing some work. You should start sharing more with your loved ones on days off, it is necessary for everyone.


You have a very good opportunity to find a job that you expectyou need maturity and start thinking about what suits you along with what you want and what you dream of, meditate on it.


It’s a good day for Gemini, they will be able to use all their communication skillsso they will not have conflicts with others during the day, it is expected that this will remain so for a while longer.


In business, it will be an excellent day for those who dedicate themselves to this area, there will be major deal signings and also deals that could bring in big money in the future. Don’t let fear stop you from loving, you have everything to do it, you just have to have the confidence to deliver what you have.


You do not have the need to always be remembering all the time the bad that you have experienced before, It’s a good time to turn the page and start waiting for the good, only then will the success you expect in all areas come.


Do not let nervousness and anxiety take over youyou are one step away from entering an excellent stage in your life, fullness is just around the corner, but you are afraid of taking the necessary leap to enter this beautiful stage that we all want to reach sometime.

You have a good opportunity to grow in your jobyou must try a little harder to achieve it, do not let others come and take what belongs to you by right, everything depends on you.


Now is the time to start asking for a raise or promotion.you need to start earning better for the work you do, look for options to submit this request to your superiors, if you are your own boss, then you should start trying harder to project better earnings in the future.


Do not put aside your dreams, today start writing in a notebook everything you want and what you have been waiting for a long time, when you go through the stages that lead you to achieve it, look again at what you have written and go erasing what has been fulfilled.

When you think you are losing faith and the desire to continue, read what you wrote again, only then can you always keep in mind what you want and what you are doing to achieve it. A very important person is looking for someone of your characteristics to offer him a project, make him an offer that you know he will not be able to refuse.


You have an option to move positions in your jobbut you are not sure if it is what is best for you at this moment, you should meditate on the situation.


Money will be a very relevant topic today, so if you have an unpaid debt, today is the time to do it. Do not leave the earrings for another day.


Don’t let yourself get the urge to drop everything when you have difficulty performing the tasks that have been entrusted to you.

In your work this advice will be fundamental, since it is possible that you are having a feeling of boredom with respect to the tasks that you must perform, if you have not chosen to change your workplace, then it has been your decision to stay in that place, therefore, you must do well the tasks that are entrusted to you.


It’s a good time to go back to the rootsYou need it for a long time.

Most of the people have started from very low, we should never forget our humble origins and the effort that others have made for us, so today, if you have the option to do so, take a walk through your memories, return to your home of origin, pay a visit to your parents or your close relatives, it will be an experience that will help you put your feet on the ground, it is necessary.



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