Horoscope from April 10 to 14, 2023 by Mhoni Vidente: PREDICTIONS of the week


During this week we prepare for the energy changes that will come with the eclipse. Therefore, Mhoni Vidente recommends that you focus your mind and soul on objectives with clear goals to find prosperity and abundance in the emotional and economic field.

Mhoni Seer’s weekly horoscope


You will have all the good energy on your side to achieve what you want; it is only necessary to have disposition. You are a fire sign, that makes you brave and determined, but try to avoid arrogant situations to avoid problems with your companions.

Week of changes in your job. Do not look for that love that was not for you anymore, someone compatible will soon arrive. Your magical day will be Wednesday and the color is strong blue. Your lucky numbers are 09 and 23.


You will be lucky in what you propose because the era of Taurus begins; It will be a time of abundance and personal satisfaction. You receive the invitation of a new love that will give you great joy.

Your sign is one of the most intelligent of the zodiacYou have the strength to face problems, so try to be the leader at work and beware of bad comments among friends. Your magic numbers are 08 and 17 and your color is strong red. Your magical day will be Thursday.


You will be constantly growing at work, because the stars will be in your favor. Lucky days with the numbers 03 and 29; Tuesday will be your magical day and your color will be yellow.


You will have radical changes in your activities, there will be days of having a lot of inner strength to solve what hurts you, you will have new projects.

Be careful with friends who only look for you when they need something from you; purify those who are toxic. Your magical day will be Thursday, your cabalistic numbers 02 and 13. Your color will be orange, it will give you more joy if you wear it on your clothes.


You reinvent yourself in all your activities. That strong energy of your sign dominates its environment, the season helps you so that positive energies are on your side. You must use wisdom and prudence in what you do to achieve the success you want.

They will also be days of a lot of work and review from your superiors. A new love that is very compatible with you arrives, so you will live days of true love. Your magical day will be Tuesday. Your lucky numbers are 14 and 25 and your color is green.


You will analyze your life, these are times to change towards the positive and abandon laziness to do great things that lead you to success. Busy days, after the holidays: meetings, new projects and job changes.

Work on your energetic healing, it is time to align all the energies that surround you. Your best day will be Wednesday. Your lucky numbers are 07 and 23. Your color is the white of abundance.


You should think more than twice what you do this week because your energies will be mixed up these days, so don’t make drastic decisions for now.

They offer you a job that will bring you more income and you will also have days of conquest. Your magic numbers are 02 and 15, and your colors are red and white. Your magical day will be Thursday.


You will take control of your life during this week; that is, you will notice that the energies of good luck surround you, so you must make decisions to grow professionally and economically.

Your magical day will be Thursday, your numbers 24 and 50, and your colors will be orange and yellow, which will give you happiness.


You will feel a bit overwhelmed this week by the workload and pressuresYour sign always wants to do everything at the same time, so you need to relax and better organize your time. Your sign is the last to mature, so start leaving excesses behind. Your magic numbers are 04 and 28, your best day is Wednesday, and your colors are yellow and orange.


You will enter your best time this week and you will feel lucky in everything, you feel that luck is on your side and you will have days full of opportunities for economic growth. You are very good at helping others without receiving anything in return, and sometimes you are abused, so try to differentiate who are your friends and who are not.

Singles will meet love from the Aries, Gemini or Virgo sign who will be very compatible; Remember that your sign is dominated by passion and that is an important part of your life as a couple. You will have a stroke of luck with the numbers 27 and 60, your magical day will be Wednesday, and your lucky colors will be white and red.


This week you will be showered with very good proposals for personal growth and finally you get the recognition of your superiors. Start giving classes so that you always stay up-to-date on the topics of your university career.

You are very good at communicating and socializing, and that allows you to always be surrounded by very good people and attend the best social events. Your magical day will be Tuesday, your abundance numbers will be 14 and 50, and your colors will be green and yellow.


Successes in labor matters will come to you this week, the result of your constant effort. They will invite you to go on a trip for work. Try to pay overdue bills and order your payments.

Don’t be spiteful with your friends and family anymore, learn to forget and do not give importance to inconsequential matters. Your magic numbers are 23 and 44, your lucky day is Monday, and your colors, green and red, will give you abundance. A new love will come to your side to stay.


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