Horoscope April 4, 2023 by Mhoni Vidente: PREDICTIONS for a couple

This April 4th, take advantage of the energy of the stars to establish peace and harmony in relationships. These rest days will be the ideal time to express emotions from empathy, which is why Mhoni Vidente shares the horoscope with some love advice.


There is no place too far and no peak too high if the journey is undertaken between two. That is the purpose of love, that we have a soul mate that helps us reach every goal, however crazy it may be. That is what your relationship is missing: a common goal that makes you look for something beyond yourself.


You expect a lot from your partner, and she expects great things from you too.. And that’s perfect, as it signals the health of your relationship. Today is a day to celebrate that both can continue to surprise each other. And once you’ve celebrated, it’s time to meet the expectations each has of the other.


Take care of love This preservation not only has to do with aspects that seem obvious to you (company, physical intimacy, listening…), but also those that involve personal and academic growth. Yes: today is a good day to consider that you and your partner return to study.


Remember that what you say matters as much as how you say it.. The sweetest word can be an insult if it is not given the intention it requires. Do not raise your voice or use irony, as it can work against you: think carefully about how much you have to say before saying it.


This is a day where you should come to a very healthy conclusion.: sometimes it is better not to intervene. Let your partner be the one to deal with their friendships and their problems, and avoid getting caught up in pointless controversies that will only throw you both off. Respect your privacy.


Sometimes the knock on the door is heard, or the phone is cut off, or the message is not sent. Chance can play its role against love, and it is something that we must consider. Recognize the role of the unexpected, and do not blame your partner for an aggressiveness that you do not deserve and that he has not exercised. Everything is a mistake.


Freedom is the foundation of love. However, this foundation requires very clear rules. Therefore, you should avoid being excessively jealous. We are not held by reins nor are we animals of habit. Sometimes an action can lead to an unexpected reaction: if you surround yourself with temptations, you can make your partner retaliate.


Your partner’s tastes cannot be an offense to you. As terrible as they may seem to you, you must accept and celebrate them, share them as much as possible. Trying to change them is a mistake, and despise them more, because each one of us is what he likes. The music and arts that we choose reflect our essence, our origin.


You are afraid that your partner is not able to see the hypocrisy of people, something that you are able to determine very well. There are things that everyone has to find out for themselves, and in this case it is valid for the person you love. Alert him to the traitor in his life, but don’t intervene. Let him live his learning.


Today you will reconnect with a love from the past. You are going to get excited without being able to control it, but you must moderate your emotions and your reactions. You know that your partner does not look kindly on this “friendship”, because he knows that where there were bonfires, ashes remain. Be careful: don’t play with fire.


Today you should look into your partner’s eyes and try to understand the moment they are going through. There are things that we cannot say, experiences that go beyond our words, and that we are not in a position to transmit. Use your intuition to connect with their experience and to understand it. Avoid questioning directly.


Today you must do everything necessary to relieve the pressure suffered by your partner. Fear that due to the events of the last few dates you will come to make decisions that affect them in their relationship. Nothing could be further from the truth, but you must let him know, so that fear leaves the house, and both are calm.

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