He adores you and belittles you, no one dares to say no to him… These signs that prove that you are under the influence of a toxic manager

As sneaky as it is destructive, a boss’s grip can have a huge impact on working conditions and the mental health of teams. Before getting rid of it, you still have to realize that this relationship is abusive…

Faced with your superior, you have the unpleasant feeling of never being up to it. No matter the task, you fear disappointing him and being rejected. If this is your case, it is possible that you are under the influence of your manager, that is to say that you are subject to his influence excessively. At work, influence is a toxic relationship in which the manager exercises a form of manipulation on an employee or on his team, constantly oscillating between compliments and reproaches, overvaluation and humiliation, defines coach Wadih Choueiri, founder of the collective. of consultants, entrepreneurs and managers Bad Students and author of The influence at work (1). These insidious behaviors alienate the other and make him lose his autonomy.

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If no one is safe from falling one day in a relationship of influence, it is tied especially when a person moved by an impulse of domination meets another, rather waiting for a bond, security…

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