Hachiko: the story of the puppy that waited for its owner for years outside a train station

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Many say that dogs are man’s best friends because these little animals are capable of anything to defend their family, even losing their lives or waiting years for them, the last thing was the case of Hachiko, a loin that is world famous for the loyalty it had with its owner.

You’ve probably seen the movie Always by your side which was starred by Richard Gere who tells the story of a puppy who waited for his owner for yearswho unfortunately died, but his pet was faithful to him for many years and he always hoped to see him again, which is why he spent hours outside a train station, because this story is true.

The moving story of Hachiko

Hachiko was a puppy that lived in Japan, which was of the Akita breed. It is known that she was bornl November 10, 1923 and died on March 8, 1935. This little loin was found at the beginning of 1924 by Hisesaburo Ueno, a professor at the Department of Agriculture at the University of Tokyo and although at first he did not want to adopt the puppy due to the death of a previous pet, his daughter convinced him.

The teacher named the dog Hachi (eight in Japanese) because he noticed that his front legs were a little deviated and compared them with the Kanji character that serves to represent the number eight (八).

Hachiko (Special).
Hachiko (Special).

When the professor’s daughter married and stopped living with him, his partner was Hachi who followed him every day to the train station for him to go to work and at the end of the day when its owner arrived, the tenderloin would receive it, something that many realized was happening, however, the routine of the puppy and its owner would change completely from one moment to the next.

May 21, 1925 Master Ueno suffered a brain hemorrhage while he was teaching and sadly he died. That afternoon, Hachiko went to the station like every day to wait for her owner, but she never came.

Since then, Hachiko has stayed in front of the station, hoping to see his owner return one day. The puppy stayed there for nine years and was cared for, as well as fed by people who had businesses nearby or people who, like the professor, went to the station to get to work. Everyone began to call him the faithful dog.

In April 1934, A bronze statue was erected at Shibuya station in honor of the tenderloinwho was present on that day.

Hachiko’s death

After almost 10 years of living outside the train station, Hachiko was found dead on March 8, 1935. After carrying out an autopsy, only four wooden toothpicks were found used for the chicken skewers, but these did not cause any harm to the little dog. It was in 2011 when it was determined that the pet had terminal cancer and a heartworm infection.

Hachiko’s body was stuffed and is in the Ueno Ward Natural Science Museum in Tokyo. Every March 8th, the puppy is commemorated in front of the train station from Shibuya.


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