Get to know the best places to ride a bike in Tampico

Ride a bike and walk through the best places in tampico It is undoubtedly an activity that will become one of your favorites.

Although if you don’t know where to start, we tell you which are the favorite places to do this sport or simply walk with your friends or family touring the city.

Beginning with the main attraction of Tampico, which is the famous Carpenter’s Lagoon, located on Fidel Vazquez boulevard; where you will find a park, hundreds of activities and places to discover while pedaling on your bicycle in the cycle path If you’re lucky you’ll see a ‘juancho’ but don’t worry, they’re on the other side of the fence in their habitat!

The park Fray Andres de Olmoswhere you can walk quietly while you take a bike ride throughout the park, in addition to the beautiful landscapes, the park is open every day at all hours so if you are one of the people who enjoys exercising very early, the view of the sunrise will be spectacular. You find it in the colony Tancol in Tampico, Tamps.

In this link you can learn more about the Fray Andrés de Olmos park.

One of the favorite places to ride a bike is the Bicentennial Park from Ciudad Madero where in addition to touring the park, right in the middle you have a lagoon with a fountain and you will see an incredible view, there are ducks and other animals. The place is big so you will have a lot to visit. This located in the Tamaulipas Avenue.

Definitely that Miramar Beach in Madero City It is a perfect place although you must also take several things into account; In the morning it will be fascinating to go for bike rides while the sun rises, so you should apply sunscreen and bring enough water to avoid dehydration. In the afternoons or nights it is just as incredible, in addition to the fact that on the breakwaters you can have contact with the raccoons and reach the famous point of the lighthouse.

Champayán Lagoon Park in Altamira, the place is really big and you can enjoy a good view as well as contact with nature. It has a bike path so you can take a walk without any problem. The park is located across the street Juárez 10 in the downtown area of ​​Altamira.

Click here to learn more about the Champayán park.

It’s time to start your ride through Tampico, don’t forget to stay hydrated and apply sunscreen.

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