Floriane Addad, founder of MyTroc: exchange and reuse, levers for sustainable consumption


To fight against waste and overconsumption, responsible for massive greenhouse gas emissions, this entrepreneur is developing digital tools to facilitate large-scale reuse. Finalist of the Business with Attitude 2023 prize, it competes in the New Solidarities category.

Listing, distributing and reusing unused equipment: this is MyTroc’s offer for professionals, a good part of whose equipment is often stored in inventory. After a career in theater and song, Floriane Addad decided to change direction and put her talent and energy at the service of social and environmental impact and the circular economy. Finalist of the Business with Attitude Madame Figaro prize, she is competing in the New Solidarities category.

In video, dive into the making of the Business with Attitude prize

300,000 objects saved from the trash

Created in 2015, MyTroc first targets individuals who can exchange goods and services. In 2018, Floriane Addad and her associates launched MyTroc Pro, dedicated to companies with at least 1,000 employees or having specific equipment in various sectors. The idea: to pool everyone’s resources so that they can be reused internally. A collaborative, sustainable and united model, which has already attracted 350,000 users and saved nearly 300,000 objects.


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