Esquites, among the highest rated street foods in the world

Although in Mexico there is a great variety of dishes, it is well known that tacos are the kings and also the best known around the world, but if there is a dish that is surprising many it is the esquites, which are easy to prepare and of course, delicious.

Currently, the esquites have gained great relevance, that is why they are now classified as one of the foods best rated street foods, this according to the list shared by TasteAtlas, a portal that is dedicated to qualifying different foods around the world.

As if that were not enough, the portal also created a list where they mention the best rated street foods. Do tacos beat any other food? We tell you.

most popular street food

Within the list of the most popular street foods, he also put other Mexican references. In the ninth place are the tamales, in the 8 the burritoin 6 we find the nachos.

And if you were wondering If at some point the tacos were going to come out, well yes, in this list this delicious saucer occupies nothing more and nothing less than the first place.

Top Rated Street Food

As for those dishes that we can find on the street and that have captivated more than one For their flavor, TasteAtlas named several that represent Mexican gastronomy.

In the ninth place is the cochinita pibil, in the fourth place the carnitas originating from Michoacán and in third place the tacos.

And as for the esquites, they are in the eighth place and although they are several places behind the tacos, many are surprised that they appear on the list as one of the highest rated street foods.

It’s no wonder since the esquites can currently be found almost in any corner and they have been renovated because we can find a great variety of them that include ingredients such as potatoes, cheese and an infinity of sauces, so for many it is quite an experience to try them.


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