Elena Reygadas, Jorge Vallejo and David Castro are ambassadors of the Volvo Reserve platform

Empathy with the issue of sustainability that he manages Volvo Car has motivated chefs Elena Reygadas, Jorge Vallejo and David Castro to be the ambassadors of the platform Volvo Reservewhich seeks to be part of the culinary world and be present in gastronomic projects that promote talent and cuisine in our country

“Without a doubt, just like chefs, we are also chefs of great moments. The link we have with Mexican cuisine is characterized by a vision of sustainability, personal experience, and a look to the future,” he said. Raymundo CavazosCEO of Volvo Car, during the breakfast in which the details of the platform were given.

with the platform of Volvo seeks to take its users and allies on different trips through gastronomy, both through experiences with its ambassadors, and through various events that have culinary art as their core point, and that coincide with the brand in its intention to offer quality, attention and service; and they are Wine nation, Sabor is Polanco and Millesime.

The restaurant Rosette of the chef Elena Reygadas It was the meeting point, where in addition to enjoying the delicacies prepared by the chef, such as guava bread, hot corn cakes or poached eggs; the chefs stressed the importance of Volvo Reserve for the gastronomic world considering that they have similar philosophies.

The host chef was the first to comment: “I am glad that we have in common to take care of the world, what is sustainable, to take care of what we have hurt.”

And he added that it is also related to the philosophy of the brand, in which it also ties in a certain way with the world of gastronomy, due to the care that she puts into her profession when preparing her products and serving her diners.

“From Volvo I like the care they have for their customers, who as a Volvo brand think about the safety of whoever drives. And we at Rosetta do not like to take care of and pamper those who visit us”, said the chef at the meeting that was also attended by Dante Martínez, Director of Marketing and Public Relations; and Rebeca Molho, Brand Experience and Public Relations Manager.

The chef jorge vallejofrom the restaurant Quintonilalso agreed on the analogies between Volvo Car and gastronomy, hence the pleasure of being an ambassador of Volvo Reserve; since he highlighted that few people or companies really undertake real actions on the issue of sustainability.

“I am very happy to be able to be part of the platform. There are few global brands that focus on making projects that in their environment reflect what we, from gastronomy, try to promoteand it is not only lip service, to say yes I am sustainable”.

And he even commented that the brand, as well as in the field of gastronomy, are doing outstanding work for the care of the planet.

You are doing incredible things to make Mexico City much more sustainable in terms of energy level; and we from the restaurants try to occupy beneficial products for health, first; and number two, that they have a social meaning; especially in countries like ours and Latin America it is very important that you not only reflect who you are through the territory, but also that you have the opportunity to support the people who need it most, who are the farmers, those who work in the fields; So this duality that exists between the two, Volvo and gastronomy, speaks volumes about the brand, gastronomy and the environment, although not only the big brands and restaurants would have to put it on the table. It is everyone’s responsibility.”

The chef david castrofrom the restaurant Faunawhich is located in Ensenada, also participated with his comment through a video, in which he highlighted why there is so much affinity with the philosophy of the brand.

“My cuisine is the flavors of the street, the Mexican flavor, acidity, salt, fat, crunchi on the grill or on the grill, flavors that characterize us Mexicans. And the most important thing for me is my family, so like Volvo I am focused on making my work as sustainable as possible. And I also agree with Volvo that what I like the most is to see my diners happy with what I preparejust as they work to please their customers with their cars”.

The new platform also provides information on the three aspects that come together.


Volvo Car Mexico invites you to discover the iconic moments of the most important gastronomic events in the country and be part of the collaborations with the best chefs by following the hashtag #VolvoReserve on the social networks of Volvo Car Mexico.

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