Do you see it very often? This MEANS the ’23:23′ in NUMEROLOGY

Have you noticed more than once that when you look at the clock the same numbers? This is something known as ‘mirror hours’ and not everyone is lucky enough to see them, even, there are those who see it more frequently.

According to numerology, this could be the strongest number you can see in the mirror hours of according to the symbolisms that these digits carry.

Remember that like the meanings of dreams, mirror hours are intangible interpretations that do not come by chance and appear in your life for a while. meaning that you can decipher with an expert.

What does it mean to see 23:23 on the clock?

According to the fear lab website, the number ‘23:23′ is one of the strongest since, added together they give ’46’.

This is a number that is linked to autonomy, independence and courage, so it is a number that is, for the most part, associated with people who are independent and who do not they are afraid of loneliness or of making decisions based on their own criteria.

However, there is also a meaning attached to ‘Guardian Angels’ and That could be the way luck is on our side.

On the page we can read that this is designed to advance in our affective, family, and professional life and that it is the right time to take the projects to fruition. out and is synonymous with success.

He ’23:23′ also has the meaning of upcoming business or personal trips.

Who is the Angel that will take care of this number?

According to the website, the person in charge of this mirror hour is Haiaiel.

And it symbolizes appeasement and relief as well as boldness.

Remember that whenever you see a mirror hour, it’s a wink of luck.

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