Do you know what the key to a good pairing is?

The location of the presidential suite on the 26th floor of the hotel JW Marriott in Polanco allows the eye to be delighted with the image of Mexico City, upon arriving at the appointment where everything is prepared for the experience with the wines of Remirez de Ganuza.

Jose Ramiro Urtasonthe owner of the winery, welcomes the guests to the tasting that has been prepared with the various labels of Spanish wine, which has found a great ally in Mexico.

From the outset, he explains that “it is a small winery, located in Samaniego, a community of 300 inhabitants, north of Rioja, one hour south of Bilbao and 3 hours and a half north of Madrid.”

And once he has placed his guests where his winery is located, he goes on to explain a bit of history, while in each of the 12 places that have been arranged on the table, a cheese board with fig jelly and dried fruits ; invites diners to start pairing with the label Ganuza farms.

“It was in 1989 when Fernando Remírez de Ganuza, who did not have much experience in production, but did buy and sell vineyards in the area for more than 20 years, started with the winery,” explains the host to share the origin of his wine.

The history of the winery began with the yellow label, a reserve that has diversified over the years, adds Jose Ramirowhose labels have achieved a great position in Mexico for those who like quality wine.


The night grows and with it the empathy of the host with his guests, so now he leads the talk about the effect that the pandemic left on wine consumption.

“During the pandemic, people were encouraged to enjoy higher-quality wines at a higher price,” he says.

In Mexico there is a record that people were encouraged to consume wine and now drink a bottle per year per person, an amount that is very low, but considerable according to the habits in our country. In addition, it gives preference to national labels, followed by Spanish, Italian and French ones, it is heard on the evening.

While in Spain a very special phenomenon is taking place that, in a certain way, is displacing the consumption of wine, says the businessman.

“Now something curious is happening in Spain, people are encouraging themselves to consume more beer and gin, although it is also true that those who stick with wine consume higher quality labels,” he specifies, when he and the diners are already enjoying the second time.

Mediterranean salad based on fresh tuna, cous cous, vegetables and radish germ, which is proposed to pair with coquette vineyard.

Referring to the pairing, José Ramón highlights that the key point “is to make a good choice of the type of wine so that they match the food and a great experience is achieved”.

The third course (New York with blackberry sauce and lentil mashed potatoes) is already on the table; when the waiter serves Remírez de Ganuza Reserva and the chef of JW Marriot, Octavio Carrillo, joins the scene to explain his proposal; same that in addition to being for the special occasion, can also be tasted in the hotel restaurants.

“The idea of ​​the menu that we made was to offer a proposal that will match perfectly with the wines of Remirez de Ganuza; with the idea of ​​achieving a balance between wines, cheeses, meats and 73% sugar-free chocolate”, which he advances gives life to Paris at nightthe beautiful and delicious dessert that he has prepared for the closing and that he intends to pair with the label late night.

The dessert that announces the end of the tasting is added to the marvelous view of Mexico City afforded by the recently remodeled presidential suite at the JW Marriot.

Although before tasting the glamorous dish, that fourth time (Chocolate sphere with berries and cold coffee cream), which is proposed to be enjoyed with the label late night; the host is forceful in his comment.

“The classic pairing is made with red wines, which have body and structure, but that does not mean that we have to limit ourselves to that; For example, the wines that we have enjoyed tonight are very versatile because they have a very good level of acidity, which is why they go well with oily fish, as well as with cheeses, poultry, chicken, duck with which they also achieve a great pairing.”


A new view from the JW Marriot

  • Currently, the JW Marriot hotel is undergoing remodeling of common areas, which is why it is scheduled to reopen its facilities at the end of the year with a more modernist touch, in which its essence of luxury and comfort is maintained.
  • In the new era, the hotel will have 4 restaurants in which there will be a diversity of gastronomic proposals, including one of Japanese origin, as well as other options in which various wine labels will be offered, among which the Remírez de Ganuza.

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