Do you already know the Plaza de las Artes? In the Laguna del Carpintero in Tampico

Laguna del Carpintero is an extremely popular and tourist place, although, now it contains more areas to enjoy, such as the Plaza de las Artes.

This square is next to the lagoon, habitat of the famous ‘Juancho’. Here you can find spaces to have a good time with your friends, family or partner.

From a green area, spaces for skating, taking bicycle tours, tour the place and of course places to sit and enjoy this beautiful square Well, there is a fountain and incredible structures.

Do you want to snack? There are street vendors and they offer everything from trolleys (esquites), fried foods, spiropapas, and more typical Tampico snacks.

Hundreds of people use this site every day to carry out different activities, such as photo sessions for quinceañeras and people in general, exercise, walk their pets, enjoy a snack and more.

The Plaza de las Artes continues until you reach the Fairgroundsyou can walk until you reach the famous Teatro del Pueblo, a few meters before you also find a small park with games for children and a space where you can sit and admire the incredible view of the lagoon, if you are lucky you will see the crocodiles and iguanas that inhabit here.

It has a viewpoint towards the lagoon and is one of the favorites of visitors.

How to get to the square?

To get to the Plaza de las Artes there are two ways, one of them is through the access to Laguna del Carpintero, exactly on the new bridge that connects to the Expo.

The other is specifically along Fidel Velázquez Boulevard heading to the Expo and the Tampico Metro. The square is located in the middle of these two performance centers.

It will undoubtedly become one of your favorite squares.

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