Do couples break up in March? This is the theory that went viral on the internet


Through social networks a strange theory arose in which it is ensured that March is the month in which more couples decide to end their relationship, even in which couples decide to divorce, is this real? We tell you in detail what it is about and why this is said.

You have probably noticed that during the third month of the year there are more single people, or it even happened to you that your relationship came to an end in this month, It is no coincidence and there is a scientific answer for why some people do badly in love during March.

International Lovesick Day |  melanie torres
Lovesick | melanie torres

Although it may seem strange to you to find a relationship between a love break and the arrival of a month of the year, the reality is that it exists scientifically and psychologically; here we explain it to you.

This phenomenon It is known as ‘uncuffing’, which translated into Spanish is ‘time to take off your handcuffs’according to multiple studies, people decide to break up with their partner who have had during the winter in order to take advantage of the vacation season in the spring and summer.

In addition, psychologists ensure that couples maintain a relationship of greater attachment during the cold months and with little light, that is, during winter, a season that ends in March with the arrival of spring. On sunny and warm days people tend to socialize more with new people.

This is not everything, Well, it has been scientifically confirmed that spring increases the production of serotonin in the brain, the hormone of happiness, This is why some people feel capable of ending a relationship that does not satisfy them, something that is more difficult for them during winter where they are more attached.



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