In 1873 Nervosa Anorexia was born.
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Perhaps that’s what she is. Not here. Hardly there. There she is. There. There.

Diary of a Steak, Levy’s witty take on the hysteria surrounding ‘Mad Cow Disease’, is both highly amusing and deeply disturbing. Written in the form of the diary of a steak in a butcher’s shop, the narrative charts a progression into madness. Using typographical errors, omissions and forays into other languages, Deborah Levy describes a ‘mind that has been symbolically culled’.

Referencing Freud, psychoanalysis, Jean-Martin Charcot, the English pride in madness and the herd mentality, Diary of a Steak is both thought-provoking and poignant.

Published by Book Works, 1998 (edition of 1,500)

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