Colourful, rhythm and lots of fun promises the 2023 Horse Fair

Spectacle, color, emotion and traditions is synonymous with one of the most important festivities in our country, the International Horse Fair 2023which this year reaches its four decades, with the encouragement of presenting, in addition to its well-known palenques, bullfights and rodeo tournament, one of the new attractions.

With its inauguration, held at noon this Saturday, and with the participation of government authorities, as well as Laura Corteson behalf of Mr. Jorge Luis Cortespresident of the fair’s board of trustees, as well as other guests, made sure that this year, the festival meets new goals, in addition to entertaining with their presentations.

“This fair has become one of the most anticipated celebrations of the year, not only because of its entertainment structure, but also because it meets many other objectives, such as economics, for many families who wait all year to sell their products, or tourism, which every year increases in visitors, and causes a very important economic spill for the Texcocan society”, assured Laura Cortés, a member of the board of trustees.

“We welcome you to this incredible International Horse Fair, a stained glass window that reflects the best of our people and traditions. For this edition we will have the audacity of the riders who will participate in this charro tournament that has been prepared, the magic of the artisans who accompany us from all over the country and, of course, the charm of the mexican folkloreof their dances and their dresses. Everyone is welcome and thank you very much for being here”, assured the hostess.

The festival has also become a generator of decent jobs, joy, music and enthusiastic participants, who for 24 days will be in charge of this gathering of flavors and colors in one of the most colorful municipalities, not only in the State of Mexico, but also from all over the country, where friendship, rhythm and empathy come together in one place.

In a later interview, Mr. Jorge Luis Cortespresident of the Board of the Fairsaid to MILLENNIUM that the party is once again an “incredible and passionate” celebration, referring not only to the work of the show itself, but also to sport. The horse Fair It has been one of the few places where charrería has a fundamental space, although this year, explains Jorge Luis, things have changed a little.

“Every year we have had a rodeo and charrería, which actually go hand in hand, in the end they are horses, and the fair highlights precisely these animals. In both disciplines, in the end the horse is exalted, so the change that has been achieved for this year, we believe will be very beneficial for the public that comes to see us with so much interest”, he assured.

This after knowing that for this 2023 edition, the fair will present rodeo and professional rodeo, disciplines that fulfill the two main functions of the contest: entertain and highlight the value of equines among society.

The Chabelo effect

Of course, the question about the painful departure of Javier Lopez Chabelowhich occurred this Saturday morning, to which the fair coordinator recalled some moments that the actor and comedian spent at this party.

“We have had everyone, from comedians to the greatest singers of the time in these 40 years, but I especially remember Chabelo. He came in the early 90s. He introduced himself precisely to entertain the children, he brought a whole show based on his character. It was something very similar to what we have today with Bely and Beto, who will perform on April 2. The fair has always been concerned with offering entertainment to everyone, and even more so with children. Chabelo took it upon himself several times to be here with us, but so did Cepillín and dozens of other artists. It is a shame to hear such sad news, ”he said.

The opening

Shortly after noon, authorities from the government of the State of Mexico, from the municipality of Texcoco, as well as from the board of trustees, made the list cut for this fortieth edition.

With the ribbon cut right at the entrance to the venue where the fair will take place, which will end until April 16, the authorities entered and led a tour that took them through various Mexican food restaurants, where they could enjoy cuts meat, grilled rabbit, tacos de carnitas and the traditional barbecue of the place, to completely free shows such as the Papantla flyers, the Town Theater or the Amazon horse riding exhibition, with beautiful horses that roamed the countryside major.

At the same time, huge oxen with monumental horns could be caressed and occupied “for the photo”, mechanical games and food stalls, which could not be missing.

“Yesterday the concert of Los Buitres de Sinaloa was held at the Teatro del Pueblo and there were about 10,000 people, it was completely free admission, it was impressive,” said Mr. Jorge Luisin a celebration that celebrates its second year after the postponement due to the pandemic.

America I

In the same way, the queen of the fair was presented, America Corral Ramirezknown simply as America Ia beautiful young lady who, in addition to being an outstanding member of the skirmish team, has loved horses since she was a little girl.

About how she became the queen of this event, she shared that she appreciates the support that the board of trustees has given her and told a little about how things happened to become monarch of this 2023 edition.

“I am part of the skirmish team, so once people from the board came and they liked my riding very much, they talked to me and invited me to be part of the event. I think they found me a good complement to be here representing Texcoco, where I am from, ”she mentioned.

América I said that part of her job is to show the world the importance of the national sport, such as charrería and the importance of horse riding for Mexican women, but she also said she had a very important mission during her reign.

“I would like people to know about all this culture that is explored with this type of national festival, about culture, livestock, gastronomy, art, but above all get closer to young children so that they function as a seedbed for children who approach the various disciplines that our national sport encompasses, which is the charrería ”, he commented.

the palenque

One of the most emblematic places of the fair is, without a doubt, the palenque, where the most spectacular concerts of the evening are held. First of all, and to start off strong, this Friday and Saturday the Banda MS performed, which drew a large number of visitors, followers of the Mexican group. However, there is much more to the show than just the band.

During the various weekends that the fair has, artists as well known as Edith Marquez (March 26th), Paquita of the neighborhood and the Sonora Santanera (April 1), Belly and Beto (April 2), Alexander and Alex Fernandez (April 7), Rosy Arango (April 11) and Angela Aguilar (April 16th).

In addition to well-known groups such as The Ghost, Espinoza Paz, Edén Muñoz, La Arrolladora, Ramón Ayala, Lorenzo de Moteclaro and Cadetes de Linaresas well as Chuy Lizarraga. All these concerts have an extra price at the entrance that is paid to enter the International Horse Fair.

“It is one of the strongest shows at the fair, a lot of people come, but due to the quality of the artists we cannot make it free. We have had very important people, even Luis Miguel came on occasion. Hence the importance of this fair, which is one of the largest celebrations in all of Mexico”, Don Jorge Luis Cortés completed.

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