Chaumet is committed to women and culture

Echo Culture Awards Chaumet

With the creation of its Echo Culture Awards, the jewelry house intends to promote cultural projects launched by women, and forge links of transmission and inspiration.

Chaumet has long supported many cultural institutions such as the Manufacture de Sèvres, Fontainebleau or the Louvre, and organizes exhibitions, including “Végétal” at the Beaux-Arts in Paris recently. In 2023, the centuries-old jewelry house is going even further by imagining a commitment program in favor of women and culture.

Until March 10, it is possible to apply, whether it is a cultural project in the making or already existing in the field of plastic arts, design, literature, crafts, preservation heritage, education, performing arts or visual arts.*

Deeply rooted in the values ​​of Chaumet, the Echo Culture Awards is dedicated to supporting women who are committed, in the field, throughout France, to promoting beauty.

Three cultural projects highlighted

Through this initiative, the house wishes to support the “passeuses” of culture, but also to promote the projects, carried out in France, which connect and diversify the public, and have the ambition of spreading creation. Above all, she wants to inspire other ambitious ideas in this way. Three projects imagined and carried by women who act daily to move the lines will thus be highlighted by Echo Culture Awards. The long-term goal? Found a community of culture smugglers for more sharing, exchange and synergy.

For this exceptional program, Chaumet has joined forces with the Thanks for Nothing association, a group of committed women from the world of culture, which mobilizes artists by organizing artistic and solidarity projects with a concrete impact on society.

Echo Culture Awards Chaumet

As an endowment, Echo Culture Awards will offer the winners financial support of 50,000, 25,000 and 10,000 € depending on the size of the project. Chaumet also promises to promote the latter through its own communication, as well as support from Chaumet employees.

The jury, chaired by actress Sandrine Kiberlain, will award its prizes on April 18. The opportunity to create encounters, to arouse curiosity and audacity.

*Prize rules and applications on

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