Charlotte de Fayet, the entrepreneur who reawakened Molli, a century-old high-end knitwear brand

Charlotte de Fayet, owner and director of Molli. Molli / Photo press

This former L’Oréal employee took over this house, known for its high-end knitwear, in 2015. A heritage that she preserves and develops, until constituting a complete, elegant and comfortable wardrobe, made in Europe, with respect of the planet and know-how.

She woke up a sleeping beauty when she took it back in 2015. To the knitted underwear and birth outfits that made the success of Molli, a century-old brand, Charlotte de Fayet, former marketing manager at L’Oréal and mother of three children, has added a complete and elegant wardrobe, all in responsible cotton and pure new wool. A tour de force that earned him a finalist for the Business with Attitude Madame Figaro (1) prize, in the Creation category.

In video, dive into the making of the Business with Attitude prize

A high-end and durable mesh

Its tour de force: having known how to preserve this noble knit – Molli exclusively calls on French and Italian workshops carrying traditional weaving techniques – and how to adapt it to today’s challenges. The brand, endowed with an ethical charter, wants to be the opposite of fast fashion: when you buy a Molli sweater, you keep it and pass it on. And we wear it for important meetings, as a chic and comfortable alternative to a jacket! A turnover of 4 million euros in 2022, 60% growth per year self-financed, 15 employees, and addicted customers: we can’t stop the Molli rocket!

(1) Organized with the partnership of the La Poste group, EY, Nespresso, Google, BNP Paribas, Engie, The Ladies Bank by Oddo BHF, Bpifrance, France 2030 and Messika.

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