Carlos III arrives in Germany; this is his first trip as king


He King Charles III of England arrived in Berlin this Wednesday for his first visit abroad as sovereign, a “important European gesture” under strict security measures.

The white plane decorated with the colors of the Union Jack landing at the Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport.

King Carlos III |  instagram
King Carlos III | instagram

The royal couple was originally scheduled to visit France first, before Germany, but that trip had to be canceled due to protests against an unpopular pension reform rocking the country.

In Berlin, the district of the Bundestag (the federal parliament) and the surroundings of the Brandenburg Gate, including the famous avenue Unter den Linden, decked out in British flags to welcome the sovereign and queen consortwhose arrival is scheduled for early afternoon.

A handful of onlookers were already wandering around early in the morning. tomorrow in the neighborhood, where the couple will be received by the head of state, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and his wife.

More than a thousand police officers were deployed to ensure security, as well as 20 explosive-sniffing dogs. Several areas in the center of Berlin will be closed to traffic.

Steinmeier, who will accompany the monarch throughout his trip, described the king’s visit as an “important European gesture.”



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