BTS’s Jungkook is an ambassador for Calvin Klein | Photos

The youngest of the BTS members, Jungkook, surprised Army because he was recently named the new ambassador of Calvin Klein, brand who has also worked with other celebrities and is characterized by making different garmentsespecially underwear.

Through Calvin Klein’s social networks, black and white photos of Jeon Jungkook, full name of the idol, where he wears a jacket and denim jeans, In addition, he also wears the brand’s underwear.

“Introducing Jungkook. The global icon in iconic denim”, reads the description of one of the publications.

In another publication, Jungkook is seen wearing jeans, a white t-shirt with the brand’s logo, as well as a denim shirt rolled up, revealing his tattoos.

“For some, the iconic is easy. Introducing Jungkook in Calvin Klein denim.”

In a video, the interpreter of Euphoria modeling for the camera and even dancing and running. There are close-up shots that Army certainly appreciates, since his eyes, tattoos, face and even abdomen can be seen in detail.

“What does an icon do? Introducing Jungkook in Calvin Klein denim,” the video description reads.

Before making the official announcement, Army suspected that Jungkook would collaborate with Calvin Klein because the brand’s CEO started following him on Instagram, before the idol deleted his account on the social network, so the rumors of a collaboration began.

These rumors were confirmed this Monday after Calvin Klein published a video in black and white of Jungkook, thus giving a preview of the collaboration with the singer.

Jungkook is not the only BTS member who is an ambassador for a well-known clothing brand. A few weeks ago J-Hope was named an ambassador for Louis Vuitton. Suga is the representative of Valentino, while Jimin is one of the ambassadors of Dior.


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