Aude Guo, co-founder of Innovafeed, the engineer who breeds flies for our food


Aude Guo, co-founder of Innovafeed. Innovafeed / Photo press

At the head of an industrial company that breeds insects to reduce the environmental impact of the food industry, Aude Guo is a finalist for the Business with Attitude 2023 prize. She is competing in the Next Techs category.

Born in China, this 36-year-old engineer by training, a former consultant at McKinsey, co-founded Innovafeed, a company that breeds insects with the aim of feeding livestock (fish, shrimp, pigs, poultry) or our animals. company, but also to manufacture agricultural fertilizers. Finalist of the Business with Attitude Madame Figaro (1) prize, it competes in the Next Techs category.

In video, dive into the making of the Business with Attitude prize

The black soldier fly, food of the future

The goal? Reducing the ecological impact of the agri-food industry (responsible for 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions) and anticipating the increase in the world’s population (which should reach 10 billion human beings in 2050 according to the UN). Hence the choice made by Innovafeed, certified B Corp, to breed the black soldier fly, which generates a hundred times less greenhouse gas emissions than other livestock. Not to mention a production model based on sharing with two other sites: one provides the energy needed for the Innovafeed factories, the other the agricultural co-products used to feed the flies.

Result ? 57,000 tonnes of CO2 saved per year. Having become the world leader in the sector, Innovafeed has just raised 250 million euros to accelerate further. The following ? Soon a factory in the United States and, one day, insects for human food.

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