Archie, son of Prince Harry, will not be a page in the coronation of Carlos III; George and seven other children will have this position


There is less and less to go before the coronation of Carlos III and little by little more details have been revealed about this moment with which a new stage in British royalty. And a few days after this great event, it was announced that ArchiePrince Harry’s son, will not be one of the pages.

At the coronation, both Carlos III and his wife, Camila, will be attended by eight honorary pages, including his grandson George, son of Prince William and second in line of succession, as announced.

Many were surprised that Prince Harry’s son Archie was not considered to be one of the pages. It should be noted that May 6, the day on which the coronation will be, will be the birthday number four of the eldest son of the Dukes of Sussex, Harry and Meghan.

Who will be the pages at the coronation of Carlos III?

Carlos and Camila will have four pages each. The king chose his grandson, George, as well as Oliver Cholmodeley, son of his private secretary; Ralph Tollemache will also be thereson of Edward Tollemache, who is the godson of Carlos III and finally, Nicholas Barclay, grandson of Carlos’s second cousin.

As for the queen consort Camila, she decided that her pages are her three grandchildren: Gus and Louis Lopes, as well as Freddy Parker Bowels and his great-nephew Arthur Elliot.

It will be on May 6 when the eight pages of honor wear a “scarlet habit” in a gold lace, white satin vest and white pants, gloves of the same tone and black shoes with a buckle.



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