Anya Taylor-Joy surprises with her ‘Princess Peach’ cosplay

A few days ago the premiere of the new animated film took place Super Mario Bros. The moviewhere its protagonists dazzled on the red carpet but The one who stole everyone’s eyes for her spectacular outfit was the actress Anya Taylor-Joy, who on the tape gives life to the character of “Princess Peach.”

Although one would think that Anya would arrive at the premiere in a dress referencing her character, The actress surprised by wearing a pink Dior brand suit, the same one her character wears in the movie or that we can find in your version of the video game Mario Kart.

Anya Taylor-Joy is an empowered “Peach”

The actress wears a totally pink outfit, with a bit of fuchsia, perfect for acting, which gives her the appearance of a professional pilot and it is that, as we can see in several trailers of the film, Peach’s character doesn’t just wear her traditional dressbut throughout the film he is part of the team in this new adventure of Mario to defeat Bowser and the creators of the tape wanted Peach to be more than “the princess” of the filmsomething that Anya Taylor-Joy reflected perfectly for the premiere.

The interpreter of 25 years He confessed that he agreed to be part of this project when he saw that his character had more depth and he was a key piece for the team and he was not just on the surface.

“I was very happy and excited when they offered me the role, however, I wasn’t going to take it if she was just going to say, ‘Mario, save me,’ or if the story had headed that way. Luckily it didn’t, it was great and I was really surprised by how much I was moved by watching the movie. I can genuinely say that I liked the concept that they used for Princess Peach, because she is a role model for children, they are just going to see great female leadership in her and for me that is incredible, “said Taylor-Joy in a talk virtual to promote the film.


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