Activities you can do in the Champayán park in Altamira Kayak rides?

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He Champayán Park in Altamirawhere hundreds of families go to spend a pleasant day, has different activities to do, here we tell you what they are.

An afternoon to enjoy with family, friends or a partner sounds like a perfect plan, plus the location of this place is in the center where, after being in the park, you can take a walk through the streets of the city of Altamira.

The spectacular view from the viewpoint towards the Champayán Lagoon It is characterized as one of the most beautiful, because while you take a tour or walk while you walk your pet you can appreciate what nature offers you.

The green area of ​​this park is perfect for picnics, since you have a beautiful view, tranquility and you can even observe the different species of birds that inhabit this site.

you can perform skateboarding in the special area at one end of the park.

There is palapas with grills where you can make a “carne asada” and live with your family or friends, while you taste a delicious dish typical of the southern zone of Tamaulipas.

For the little ones there are games where they can have fun, meet more children and spend an excellent afternoon living healthy.

If you want to exercise, this is a perfect place to do it, as it has a outdoor gym for all the public. In addition to a bike path to take tours around the place while you enjoy and exercise at the same time.

The favorites are the kayakinghere they give you guided tours where you walk through the entire Champayán lagoon and you can enjoy an activity full of adventure and sport.

At the edge of the park there are various restaurants where you can taste an exquisite dish to continue your tour of the park.

The Champayán park is located on the street Juárez 10, Downtown area Altamira, Tamaulipas.

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