“A watch is a generator of emotions”, Franz Linder, CEO of Mido

Franz LinderGlobal CEO of I measurehighlighted that the watch continues to be an accessory that provides emotions to men, and that although their brand has evolved, they continue to maintain their DNA.

Interviewed during the Mido Installationsthe immersive experience in which the brand presented its new proposals and designs and the global campaign of Multifort M; the executive highlighted that although there is a vintage trend, they always try to propose innovative designs inspired by their great classics.

How does Mido keep up with the crowd?

In I measure We are seeing the evolution of its history, we have seen collectors who have been with us for many years. In 1934 the first Multifort M and from then to date it has tried to modify as history progresses, but maintaining its DNA; in such a way that it has been modernized, but maintaining the original design.

For which the brand has studied all the elements of the watch and it has been a challenge to modify them, because care is always taken to maintain its essence.

Currently many products are genderless, accessories such as watches are one of them, how has Mido assumed or adapted to this change?

It is not so much to adapt, when a woman is a fan of watches, it is not so much based on the color or model, but rather they go beyond the look, because they are interested in their mechanism. And then personal taste influences, they look at the size of the cover and that they feel good on their wrist.

Who wears more watches, women or men?

We have more sales on the men’s side, but we believe that this is because they have other types of accessories.

Has the cell phone displaced the watch function?

We do not sell functionality, but emotions; and men take it as a very personal object; while women have several options: jewelry, bags, etc.

It also represents a certain status, because people recognize the price, it’s like a woman with a bag.

To what do you attribute that it continues to be the great classic?

There is a trend of vintage watches, we try to produce historical pieces, but new mechanisms and technologies are always integrated. We do not copy the design as it is but we take it as inspiration.

What does a watch represent to you?

A pleasure, turning around to see the wrist and the beauty and everything that involves the creation of a watch is a great emotion. It is similar to what happens with the person you like, when you see him you are happy, you see him with affection and with pleasure that he is with you.


The experiences

  • Barancelly Signature Lady Colours: the collection of 5 interchangeable straps so that with the same watch, you can have 5 different looks.
  • Ocean Star Decompression Worldtimer, inspired by the surfing of the 60s, presents the neo-vintage model and cutting-edge technology.
  • The Multifort M installation to reveal the energy, precision and movement that captivates both men’s eyes and women who like a good watch.

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